Monday, November 16, 2009

The Sixteenth of NOvember, twenty oh nine

Oh MY! It has been a bit since last I blogged.

Today I will be subbing for a woman who teaches first grade. I subbed for her ALOT last year in a 1/2 split. This is my first subbing gig for her this year and she is at a different school. I am so glad that she found me!

subbing is hard. Each day at a different school and with different kids. I think that each new day is like my first day on a new job. Which is challenging.

I am just back from a lovely vacation in sunny California. It is hard to be back amoungst the cold dark NOvember Minnesota yuck. November is just NOT my thing. Except for Thanksgiving which is a wonderful concept. To spend a day being GRATEFUL is just the best!