Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good Morning on this First Day of Spring!

I am so excited to be on the way to leaving this winter weather behind. This winter has seemed exceptionally long to me.

I saw a crocus blooming two weeks ago and I saw a robin maybe 3 weeks ago so I know that Spring is on it's way.

Here in Northern Minnesota it is very possible that we will get another snow storm. Last year at this time it was ice which in some ways is worse. So slippery and the trees were damaged badly. some trees are still bending over from the ice storm a year ago.

I will need to clean up all of the tree tops that collapsed during our December storm. Although I may need to wait until it dries up just a bit.

Today I will grout 4 tea light holders and a huge vase. You can see the photos below. Then I will clean up my dust bunny friendly home.


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