Thursday, June 17, 2010

good morning! It is June and the air smells wonderful each morning as I walk my two pooches. Yesterday we ran into a neighbor of ours out walking her two dogs. In the fog it was difficult to make out who it was.

the rain and the fog are getting to me. Today I THINK the sun is going to shine. I'd love it if it did. At least for right now I am able to see the sun rise which is a change from the last week when I couldn't!

I grouted a Mirror yesterday. I had an old oval one handled silver platter that had been my Grandmother's. It had a whole series of patterns etched with in this fairly large platter. I placed the mirror in the middle and covered the remaining flat surface with vines, flowers and hearts. Grouted in a dark charcoal, I think it looks spectacular!

Here is an unfinished portrait of this Mirror.

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SoleDeVita said...

WOW!! Your work is Amazing!! I bet it takes a lot of patience and nerves to make something like this?