Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yesterday I went into town, Two Harbors, to see the Heritage Days Festival. In the past, the
Agate Bay Crafters used to organize the Crafts Fair. This year someone from the City of Two Harbors took over this event. I was very disappointed! Hardly any crafts, mostly people selling things that they had purchased - even bed pillows were being "hawked". This is not the craft fair that I have formerly participated in. Very unpleasant. I am glad that I decided to "just stay at home" and not display my mosaics.

Do you remember this line "Just stay at home!" from an old Lily Tomlin skit that was on Saturday Night Live maybe in 76 or 77? Lily played all of the parts of a "road trip" including a teen aged daughter who said she thought an elderly disabled person needed to "just stay at home!" At the time my friend Bonnie and I laughed as Lily was so good at just hitting the right nerve.

Here are a few examples of what I have shown at Heritage Days in the past.

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