Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday- with overcast skies!

Today I work at Super 1 at 1:00. I am trying to forget that I have to work (although only until 9 at night which makes me so happy!)

My subbing gig was not quite magical, but it was very, very nice. I have another subbing gig next Thursday. This will be much more challenging as it is at a school with much more poverty. Sigh. However, this gig is for Mrs. Tolo who I greatly admire for her (seemingly) endless goodwill.

This is what I have been working on (in between my many jobs!) - first the Altar. I only have to grout this - although I am not sure WHEN I will be able to as I work so much. (Perhaps on Wednesday afternoon??) The other is my taconite pellet perimeter table. I am having a stylized wave motif joining in the center. So far I am really liking working on this very funky table.

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