Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday . . . and the end is in site for my CEU's

Yesterday I drove into Duluth prepared to attend a 5 or 6 credit class on Homelessness. (In every Duluth school there is at least a few homeless children.) We were to "walk" in the footsteps of a homeless person, however, this class was canceled due to the illness of one of the organizers.

However, as I was able to get 9 credits from Human Resources - two 4 credit classes for substitute teachers as well as a one credit "course" for passing the Blood Born Pathogens course, this trip into Duluth was a success. My CEUs are now at 130.25!!

Here is a photo of a table, (from my friend Abigail), which I am covering in small tiles from a bowl found by another friend, Lois. The table is half round and very old with a scarred top - a perfect fit for covering with the mosiac tiles from this bowl. I haven't yet decided what I will put between the borders. The inside of this bowl had lilies, but as there was a "rim" for the bowl to sit at, I don't think I am able to use this. The "rim" would make these tiles (hand-cut by me), sit higher and make this surface uneven. I am thinking of placing stars, which would go with the border, or perhaps a stylelized paisley of some sort.

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