Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grouting and Mulching on a sunny Tuesday

Yesterday I grouted 5 items. A four inch square, a taller cylinder with my hand on it, and three tea light holders that I think I'll sell as a set. All three of the tea light holders remind me of a stormy day when the sun comes out later. But you'll see these three tomorrow.

I also finished putting the last of my huge pile of mulch on my lilacs. Of course I forgot to take a photo! All of my lilacs survived our wind storms, perhaps as they were covered in snow at the time. I still have my large pine at the end of our road to chop up as it had fallen down during a wind storm last fall.


Red Crow Arts Studio said...

I like the hand around the vase. Very nice pieces :>)

Judy - Red Crow Arts

Lynne said...

Your hand vase is one of my favorites!