Monday, May 16, 2011

Today it is a very sunny Monday in Northern Minnesota and I am making my plans!

I finially feel better after battling my latest fling with the Crud. After spending 3 days in bed, (not to mention the day I spent in a classroom blowing my nose and sneezing ALL DAY), yesterday I felt good enough to mow our lawn. I also made a Meditarean Couscous and we watched The Fighter. Very good film - I can certainly see why the best Supporting Oscars went to this film. Over the top portrayals of both the brother and Mother of The Fighter.

At any rate, today I need to apply for a job on-line at the University. It is a part time job doing mail - something I know something about and I think I'd like. I would not have to always be thinking about it - I could just do it and come home. Not like teaching which is so all consuming. I guess I have to admit it - I am getting to old for an all consuming kind of job. Sigh. Age does catch up to you, whether I like this or not!

Here are a few photos of my tesserae - the small pieces needed to add to my mosaics. Bright and cheerful things to spark up my "work".

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