Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday and no work for me (outside of my in my house work!)

No work on the computer for schools needing subs in Duluth today. So I will plug away at my on-line CEU's and do a bit of house work, of course, I will mosaic a bit as this seems to settle me down.

I finished the cleaning up of my Mirror yesterday. It is quite HUGE at 27.5 inches tall and 14.5 inches wide. My friend Diane Isackson gave me the out side frame which used to be for a calendar. I used an assortment of stuff to decorate this - starting with two 3 dimensional leaves, given to me by Katie Lancaster's husband. These leaves were part of a broken wind chime set and have been sitting on my table for YEARS. I was inspired by the leaves to look for more objects, (tesserae is the official term for the small pieces attached to mosaics) and I found wooden birds, (these were NOT such a great choice as my grout STUCK to them - I ended up sanding the grout off yesterday), cobalt blue squares, and assorted long rectangles which I had gotten at a Saver's store. I had fun with this Mirror!

My other projects were these two vases/tea light holders. One is of the Moon through the clouds and the other is of the lake.

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