Thursday, January 27, 2011

I tackled the symmetrical leaves/trees (as well as the background directly next to these trees/leaves), on either of the long ends yesterday. (Of course as soon as I edited my photos I realized that I should have "edited" the rest of the table so that it would really show my progress.) Today I will only be able to squeeze in a very few hours as I am substitute teaching in a favorite K class in the afternoon.

I have almost reached my one month goal for completing this table - I think it is a good thing that my customer is understanding - "life gets in the way". My guess is that it will take about a week longer than the one month that I quoted her originally.

Making this table has been such a great exercise for me in so many ways! Keeping track on the time involved is very eye opening (it took an hour and 45 minutes for the first leaf - without any background!), also I think that I may be over my "custom" anxiety, and in the future I will know to make time allowances for ordering supplies, etc.


Christine Burgess said...

Val, your table is looking great! Like you, I am still figuring out the best approach to a custom mosaic. It really does take a lot more time and supplies. You have a huge amount of tiles in this table, but it really does look wonderful.

Bonnie said...

You are really cruising along! I love watching the progress to see it being created.