Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yesterday I got a bunch of work done on this massive table. I have almost completed one side and have switched the table from the left hand side of my mosaic studio to the right - pushing the table to be next to the window. (So that the opposite side is nearer to me.) Now I can enjoy the limited sunlight coming through the windows and the lovely forty plus year old pine trees. You can see how the two sides are mirror images of each other. I became very fatiqued working yesterday even though I broke up my time into 45 minute to an hour segments. As I became tired I started to break my tiles incorrectly so I decided it was time to stop. My plans for today are to work for another 4 hours, but I will see how I am able to hold up.


Bonnie said...

So pretty! Enjoy your day!

Bonnie said...
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