Monday, April 4, 2011

I have been accepted into the juried 21st annual Grand Marais Arts Festival!

I have been accepted into the juried Grand Marais show in early July which made me think of the Lake (as the show will be situated just next to it), so I came up with some Lake inspired tea light holders, in progress. (I purchased these holders from a moving sale situated right next to the Lake with gorgeous views.)

Today I am not able to substitute teach as there were no jobs on line. Sigh. So perhaps I'll be able to work on the Lake tea light Holders.

The other project that I was able to work on was a 4 inch vase or holder. When thinking of the Lake, it is impossible to not also think about the huge cliffs of rocks. So this Vase is part of my thought process as far as these giant rocks go.

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