Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It was gloriously beautiful yesterday! And today I am back to subbing. Ugh.

Yesterday's temperatures were supposed to be in the 60s although it felt much hotter to me. I was shoveling my HUGE pile of mulch into my lilac beds. (I thought that I should maybe be wearing my shorts!) Shoveling mulch into the lilac beds is hard, dirty, dusty work. I could only do this for an hour. I also brought some of our outdoor furniture out of the garage and onto our lawn.

This is what I worked on for my mosaics: I completed the green, yellow, blue and purple wild zebra vase and continued my work on a new design - my hand. This first one was a golden hand surrounded by a dark blue. I really like this design so I will continue in other colors. I decorated my hand with a milliflori bracelett and a ring.

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jill2day said...

I like the hand! So fun to also see your process (the drawing, etc) Thanks!