Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today it is SATURDAY! Unfortunately it is dark, rainy and a bit gloomy.

Yesterday I decided to work at Woodland, my favorite Middle School, for a great teacher, Mr. Norman. There was an EXCELLENT student teacher there, so really I was only a license in the room. She was really great.

So I was not able to mosaic or do really anything at home. I did go to a few garage sales though. I am having buyer's remorse as there was a wooden dresser for FREE and as I could not fit it in my car, I left this! It would have provided a perfect surface for me to mosaic on. Today I may go and see if this is still there.

I have decided to retake some photos for my Etsy shop. During the winter when the light is so limited, my shots are just too dark. Here are a few photos retaken of two vases. They look so much better now!

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