Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An extremely WINDY Wednesday today.

I was able to grout outside yesterday in spite of the flies biting my ankles, constantly. Most unpleasant. I decided to grout both the black background and the white faces. I have still a bit of cleaning up to do, get the hanging appartus put in, etc. But for the most part American Gothic in the Garden is done. Tomorrow is my gallery show and I was not able to get the spiral bowl done. Sigh.

You can see from the photos all of the masking tape that I used to cover up the faces as well as the sides of this 100+ window frame.

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on American Gothic. It makes such a difference to know what others think of what I do. THANK YOU.

Unfortunately, I did not take any completed photos. What a goof I am! So I will need to do this and show you tomorrow.


Lynne said...

This is awesome! I am so impressed!

Bonnie said...

Anxious to hear how the show goes!

EarthMotherMosaics said...

Good luck with your show. I hope you can share some pics of everything in place at the gallery. I love seeing those!!!