Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It is Wednesday and I have a JOB!!

Yesterday was my first day, having been hired the day before! What can I say, but this is the way of education - at least as far as my jobs have been. My job is a part time, 20 hours a week, M - Th. TEMPORARY summer school position. I will be teaching students from ages 6 - 14!! Oh my gosh, if I think of this I will get quite anxious as this age spread is HUGE.

Yesterday I got my room somewhat together, rearranging furniture, putting up some posters, etc. The most exciting part of my day was going down to the District's curriculum room. A huge room packed to the ceiling with bookshelves PACKED with books, manipulatives, transparencies, calculators, etc. I was like a kid in a candy store!

Today I'll try to take some photos so that you can see what this room is like.

Here is a picture of my latest FINISHED mosaic. It is a cylindrical piece with 4 hearts decorating the outside in honor of Frieda Kahlo. I actually don't think that she ever did any hearts, but when I think of my flaming hearts, my hearts with the ever so small triangles surrounding them, I always think of Frieda Kahlo, who said at the end of her life that she hoped she'd never return.

Each of the four hearts varies slightly. The "background" of the hearts is done is a murky brownish purple.


misswrightdesigns said...

Val congrats on the job. You'll be great and this vase is fantastic! I love the orange triangles around the hearts.

Bonnie said...

A JOB! Hope it's awesome all summer!