Friday, December 9, 2011

It's a cold Friday in December in Northern Mn. But did you need to be told this?

Today our house is very cold inside. The temps outside are very typical for Northern Minnesota in December. I keep reminding myself of how lovely our fall was. Each day brings us a bit closer to spring.

I sent off two of the three pendants to a customer yesterday. Hopefully, she will be pleased. She was so much fun to work with! She chose the one with the pink heart and the turquoise heart with the writing.

I was able to work only an hour or two on my angel for my cousin's mother-in-law. I really like how this is turning out! I know that grouting this will be a challenge as there is so much that is 3 dimensional on this, including the shape of the box that it is in. I almost wish I could take the angel out of this box for grouting.


overdacrib said...

Love the pendants! They look great, very funky :) Sandra (over DA crib, Etsy)

Sheshanna said...

Val I absolutely love them too. They are amazing, great colours, nice pictures! I think you should make more of them!!!