Monday, December 19, 2011

Today is Monday and it is dark and dreary here in N Mn.

Today I need to grout the tea lights that I will be sending to my Cousin Laura as a gift from her sister, Julie. The bottom two blue ones are for Laura. My other mosaic task is to finish the Angel that my other cousins commissioned me to make for Carrie's mom. I had an inspiration on Saturday to cover the exterior walls with stars, instead of just covering this surface in paint. What do you think? After redoing the top THREE times, I have decided to just leave it in it's third stage. I just can't manage to be able to convey the feeling of clouds.

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EarthMotherMosaics said...

I love the stars! That's much better than painting the outside, in my opinion. Try swirls for clouds, that's what I do because clouds can be a challenge.

Love the tea lights colors ... so pretty.

Good job!!