Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A very, very stormy Wednesday!

On this terribly stormy day (the last day of February!), I am trapped at my home, watching the snow swirling around my house! I am glad to be inside and working on earning and collecting my CEU's as well as working on my mosaics a bit.

Here is my completed shelf/coat rack. I was thinking of painting it black, but for now I will just clean it up and re-oil it.

I am very pleased with how this came out. I like it A LOT and I am thinking of asking between $400 - $500 for it. Which seems like a lot of money for this, (I worked on this between 30-40 hours), but I think it is a "show piece" and would certainly be worth it for a special place in someone's home. (Actually, it would look smashing in our bathroom, but I made it to sell so our bath room with remain without it's shelf.)

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Bonnie said...

Wow, this is a nice piece -- yet again, Val! I love the ominous cat shadow in your photos!