Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday and I am trying to do too much!

THis seems to be my theme today - trying to get too much done. I am a bit paniced as I need to have 125 CEU credits done by June. THis means approximately 25 per month and I did not do ANY in January. Oh well. Now it is crunch time for me and my CEU's. This afternoon and tomorrow afternoon I have classes to try to achieve these.

Ouch! THis bites into my mosaic time. Nothing to be done about this now, however as I HAVE to get my CEU's or I will lose my teaching license.

SO this is what i have been working on - a shelf with a perimeter of taconite pellets. Perhaps the heaviness of the pellets is indicative of my mood!

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Sheshanna said...

Val I think it's lovely! Whoever gets this will have a beautiful object to show off and brighten up their house !!!