Thursday, July 12, 2012

I am frantic on this Thursday trying to get ready for Grand Marais.

Tomorrow around noon we leave for Grand Marais. I am having the usual panic of "I don't have enough to show!" I probably do have enough to show, but this is so normal for me to have this panic that I am used to this. As used to it as I can be, at any rate.

This is the vase that I began on Monday and completed on Tuesday. Hopefully, today I will have time to grout this. I decided that I needed to brightened up my vases with a spark of reds and oranges. I had bought this red orange glass several years ago and decided to use it on the top of this vase.

And here is Frida with her wonderful lace on the collar of her dress. I have decided to piece together her dress out of fragments of old dishes. I hope this will look as wonderful as it looks in my head.

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