Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday and it is a day of rest (and perhaps a bit of mosaic time as well . . . )

We are back from Grand Marais. I was so excited to go up there and be an art fair star, but this didn't happen. I only sold four items!

I did manage to work on Frida quite a bit. People seemed to like seeing me do this. I had decided (based on the fact that she often painted herself wearing Mexican clothing), to use cut up china as her dress.  I completed two "yokes" on her dress and decided to imitate the Mexican folk weaving on the bottom portion of this dress. Today I will probably start on the pine trees which will make up the vertical borders of the mosiac. The title of this will be "Frida in the Forest, a Memorial for Maggie", as my dear friend Maggie so loved Mexico.

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