Saturday, July 23, 2011

A beautiful, almost crisp, Saturday morning with delicious cool winds. YUM!

Today is such a delicious day! The winds are so cool - this feels wonderful after the sweltering humid week we have just had.

Last night when I came home from an outdoor concert in the Park (which was quite wonderful Blue Grass, a band from Duluth called the Fish Heads - very fun), I saw a SKUNK eating the cat food left out for Moses, our wild, outdoor cat. I told this black and white thief that it had to go away and in response, this SKUNK CRAWLED UNDER OUR GAS GRILL! What to do?? At any rate, in a few minutes that it took me to explain to Heather about this furry thief, it had gone away. THANK GOODNESS.

This is what I was working on yesterday. You can see that these two, the mirror and matching shelf, are quite cohesive.

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