Friday, July 22, 2011

I've just gotten done with a wonderful walk with my sweet little dog, Gracie.

Today the bugs, (those horrible deer flies and mosquitos!!!) were manageble. So Gracie and I went on a two mile walk. We saw our neighbor Mitch on his motor scooter, on his way to work. No deer today, though usually we see 5 or 6.

And my big exciting news is the lupines are growing in our lilac's "lane". I had picked stalks of the lupines late last summer as they were making seeds and placed them randomly in Loretta's Lilac Lane. (Loretta was a wonderful, kind spirited woman who battled cancer 7 times before she died a bit over a year ago. I like to think that she looks down from time to time to see how her lilacs are doing.) Now these have sprouted - perhaps next year we will have flowers.

This is my progress on the 16 inch wide mirror frame. (You can see in the photos that the background of this frame is a dark forest green.) I quite like this even though it was not a "stretch" for me to make it. There is a matching shelf to go with this that I will start later today. The hearts I have attached are from a fellow Etsy seller, firedandfused. I really like her "stuff" and use these fun pieces alot in my mosaic work.

And this is the mosaic vase with leaves. I need to reshoot the photos as the angle is all wrong. Makes it look as though this vase is short when it is over 9 inches tall.


Bonnie said...

Nice new projects, Val! Glad you & Gracie had a good day for a walk and that the lupines are coming up.


Sheshanna said...

Val that frame is gorgeous, slightly remeniscent of Greece for me (despite never having been there!!!)

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