Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It is Tuesday and we are back from our wonderful working vacation to Grand Marais, MN!

I had such a wonderful time in Grand Marais! It is even, just a little, difficult to think of going back to my wonderful job today, but it is just a little difficult.

I came back from Grand Marais with only 15 mosiac pieces out of how many? I am not sure until I check my photos. I sold all of my square tea light holders. Absolutely every one! These small and rather time consuming pieces are really my "bread and butter'' of my mosaic work. I have gone through periods where I hated working on these and times when I have loved working on them. Right now I really enjoy the chance to put another piece of an ongoing "picture" on each of the 4 tiny sides.

Even the wonderful wooden bowl, formerly a drum, sold! On Saturday it POURED. I was so glad that this bowl had been treated with a water resistent seal. I kept pouring out water from this bowl! An extremely nice couple bought this bowl to place on a console table beneath another mosaic purchase from a Grand Marais gallery. While I was wrapping this bowl up, I noticed a small piece of tile sitting in front of me! The bottom of this bowl had been sitting in water for HOURS. Ofcourse both the Weldbond and the grout were not fully cured yet and two tiny pieces of tile had loosened. This extremely understanding couple was willing to continue shopping while I repaired this with Weldbond and grout.

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Bonnie said...

So glad to hear you had a great show in GM, in spite of rain! Yay!!