Monday, February 14, 2011

The Grouting is Done. Yes.

I have finished grouting this table! The adhesive held even though it was just barely 24 hours old.

After covering this table with the wet grout, I let it set on the table for about 45 minutes, then I used the rough side of the sponge to rub off the excess grout, followed by a damp sponge, then a very soft old sheet to buff off the excess. Finially, just to be sure, I misted the whole table with a spray bottle - I did not want any of the grout to crack. I was able to find a very large plastic bag to cover up the table to "cure". In three or four days I will uncover this table and do the finial clean-up and then it is time for this table to go home.

I even had time to complete a simple tray for Valentine's Day.

It is a bit odd to finially be done.


Bonnie said...

Wow, Val, it is really beautiful. Bravo to you!

Christine Burgess said...

OMG, Val, your customer is going to go nuts with this fabulous table!!

Bluebell Design said...

Val, this is absolutely beautiful. Such a labour of love, and the end result is stunning and elegant. Well done!!!