Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just a bit of adjustmentTod

On Thursday, I learned from my customer that she was not fond of the red leaves. So I quickly took out my screw driver and removed them. It really wasn't as bad as it sounds! With just a bit of encouragement they popped out.

Yesterday I decided to remove the small tiles in the leaves that were behind the two central leaves as they were definately red, too. This time I first moistened the surface with a paintbrush and water. I needed to reapply the water for a bit, but these tiles also popped off. I am so glad as at this point this is a relatively easy "fix". Had I waited even a few days this glue may have decided to "keep" the leaves and the tiles affixed to the table.

For the red tiles in the leaves, I replaced them with a turquoise tile instead. These two leaves mirror the two leaves in front of them but I decided to make them just a bit darker to show that they were in the back and were just a bit shadowed. I know that this is a subtle change, but I think it adds dimension to the whole table.

For the red leaf tiles, I hunted amongst my leaf tiles and experimented for almost a half an hour until deciding that the blue leaves with just a hint of purple in them looked just as good as the original red leaves.

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Bonnie said...

like the turquoise!