Thursday, February 3, 2011

I have subbed everyday this week, except Monday, (an emergency trip to the dentist - Ugh!) so this is the only entry I have in my Table contest. (This contest is only with myself - and I lost as my one month's deadline has come and gone and this Table is almost, but not quite done. Sigh. I am so lucky that my customer understands.)

On Monday I began to place the small yellow tiles surrounding the mirroring leaves on the inside perimeter of this Table. You can see that the yellow really brightens up the whole table.

The red leaves have not been glued in place yet. I am debating about these. On the one hand I tend to think that almost every piece needs just a bit of red in it. On the other hand it could be jarring to place this small amount of red in this table when, for the most part, the colors are blues and greens. What do you think? Please post your comments as I'd love hear your ideas.


Bonnie said...

I love the yellow tiles. I thought I knew where you were headed with this piece, but the yellow tiles were a surprise and they are just right. Based on how cool the yellow looks, I'd trust you with the red ones too -- but maybe your customer gets that vote!

So, so lovely. TGIF. And I hope your teeth are OK!

Laurie said...

Hi Val,

I'm not so sure about the red leaves. I agree that it seems jaring and I'm much more partial to cool colors like blues and greens.