Friday, February 25, 2011

My continuing mosaic "work" for a very busy Thursday.

Thank goodness I was able to squeeze in a few hours in the morning because yesterday afternoon I spent cleaning up my refrigerator. Just think about all the dust that each week you remove from your floors once or twice? Well, behind and underneath my frig all of that dust had built up (UGH!) and had caused a small part, perhaps an inch by 2 by 3 inches to burn out. I called a very nice man in town who drove out here and fixed this and we cleaned up the dusty mess. In a 2 hour period I spent half of my money from my table's final payment. Sigh. Well, at least I COULD pay him!

This is what I completed on my time spend mosaicing. I completed the finial side of the 4 seasons vase/candle holder. It looks a bit bright, almost too bright, in the photos. Then I continued to tackle the background of the picture frame. First I had put a yellow mirror tile in and then when I sat back and looked, I realized my 4 yellow leaves blenden in a bit much. So I got out my trusty screw driver and removed them all. (In the photo you can see the remaining tiles and semi-wet Weldbond.) After a bit of scrounging, I decided to put a transparent pale celery green glass in the background.

The first photo is of my Jim Dine inspired heart vase/candle holder - grouted and ready to sell, as well as three tea light holders. Grouting makes them ZING!

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