Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In spite of having the Crud, I think today I'll grout.

I am sick - AGAIN. I am not sure that I ever got over my case of the Crud as every few weeks it comes back. AGAIN.

Oh well. Today I think that I will grout. The large mirror will take a bit to mask off the ungrouted mirror parts of this. I don't want to scar it any more than it already was, so to be safe, I'll place the masking tape around the edges of this mirror. You can see by the bright blue tape that I have already begun to do this. When I am done I'll add a plastic bag and tape this down as well. Tomorrow I will show a photo of this mirror all wrapped up in it's pre-grouting glory.

Another project that I have been thinking about for a bit, is coasters made up of beer caps. I am a bit concerned about the uneveness of this surface, so for now the beer caps are just sitting and not glued down.

1 comment:

Sheshanna said...

I like the idea of the coasters! Looking forward to seeing how you solve the uneveness issue ;)