Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Mosaic Creator's Dream

Yesterday was a sort of mosaic creator's dream. All, well most all, of yesterday I was able to spend on this mirror. In fact I worked until my back ached and so then I stopped. And the light through my windows was amazing - all bright and shining. (Not today though as it is supposed to snow.)

I continued to fill in between the vine with vine-like shapes of green, gold, brown and blue. Later I had a thought - I should have filled in behind the vine with a solid blue. It was another of those "What was I thinking?" moments.

My cat Eli is enjoying watching and waiting for the snow to melt. He went outside yesterday, traveling beyond our pines to soak up the sun. Then he walked on top of the snow, with his large snowshoe like paws, to get to the back door to come back inside. He is huge, larger even than my dog, Gracie.


Gin (Subtle Harmony) said...

The mirror is beautiful - your work is really lovely! And Eli looks like a sweetie. :)

Sheshanna said...

This is absolutely beautiful, I really love it!