Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh, no!

Yes, I had an accident with the very lovely ungrouted 4 seasons vase that I had just finished attaching the stained glass to last week. I am not sure how I even managed to do this (accidents DO happen) but the vase got smashed on the cement floor of my studio. I was sick about this, but then I just plunked the whole demolished mess into a bowl of water, let it sit there for several hours and then pried off the pieces of stained glass.

Then on Monday and Tuesday I completed reattaching the stain glass.

I hope it is better than ever.

I also worked a bit on my portable altar. I decided to decorate the two drawers with additional hearts from firedandfused, an etsy artist whose work I really love to use, as well as leaves. (You can see the reworked 4 seasons vase in the background.) However, as I have now decided that each side of Mary should be adorned with small red tea light candle holders, like the ones I have seen at churches, and as I only have one, this project may end up sitting for a bit until I find another slender red holder.

Then I began to work on an abandoned mirror that I had found many years ago next to a garbage can in Minneapolis. Someone had tried to remove the trim around the edge of this mirror, (I am not sure why as I found this trim to be charming), with an electric sander and had damaged the mirror in the process. My goal, (before I also abandoned this mirror into my garage!) was to cover the damaged parts of the mirror with mosaic. So yesterday I continued the vines and imaginary leaves around the perimeter. I really like this, although this is an older mirror and it will be very heavy when I am done.


Bluebell Design said...

Val, the mirror is looking absolutely beautiful!

Christine Burgess said...

I really like what you are doing around the mirror.
Sorry about the breakage. I had a mosaic that I tore apart because it had really great china pieces in it and I refused to throw them away. Took forever to chisel it