Friday, March 11, 2011

Monday's Efforts

I was not able to get much done this week as I was substitute teaching. This activity wears me out! Especially some classrooms where the students are very needy or are very badly behaved! So this is all of my mosiac work for this week. Tomorrow there will be more as today is a day at home. (We have these very tiny ants that have found a way into our home and I need to discover where they are getting in and plug up the hole!)

I only have one long side left to add glass shapes to on this salvaged mirror. You can see that I am playing around with the colors and shapes. This mirror is quite large, 36 by 24 inches and very heavy.

Thank you to everyone who has added comments either to my blog or on the Etsy forums concerning this project. It is so good to know that people are following my blog and notice what I do! Thank you so much!


Christine Burgess said...

Just a lovely job, Val. Do I see some things from Witsend in there?lol. My favorite online store!

valnorthwoods said...

Oh, I am glad that someone else loves witsend as well as i do. I often mention them when i write up my etsy info.