Saturday, November 12, 2011

In a few hours we will be journeying up the "coast" to Grand Marais

In just a few hours, we will be journeying up the coast to Grand Marais to drop off the Table that I have been working on. Stephan Hoglund will be looking over a group of things that I think he may like for his gallery. I am excited to have a day for a working "vacation" of sorts.

Here is a photo of this funky old table, found in the basement of our former duplex. I have painted it black (from an old elementary school pea green!). The top is centered around a modified compass rose, surrounded by Fibanachi "waves". I have used glass tiles, porcelian pieces of fish, leaves and circles (purchased from firedandfused), beaded chain and spray painted taconite pellets for the perimeter.

I am in love with this table! You can see the influence of the Lake as well as my earlier (huge commissioned) table within this one.

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Sheshanna said...

I'm in love with this table too, it's really beautiful!!!