Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday and I am off for my first day of Nettleton substitute teaching

I am working at Nettleton today - home of the infamous table dancing Tyree. No chance for him table dancing in my room as I will work in second grade today for Kathy Tolo. She is such an unending supply of good will!

Yesterday I had a job interview. I am skeptical that I got this job as the principal did not call me like she said she would. Oh well - another week, another interview! I would have loved this job and had I been hired the school would have loved me as well.

Here is what I worked on once I got home (after wolfing down a bunch of potatoe chips and cookies in my depression over this interview!). Here are also photos of the mirror and the altar shelf I grouted the day before. In the center there is a modified Compass Rose made up of two hearts, numerous leaves and small blue fish.

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Bonnie said...

Val, you know I hope your REAL job, meant for you, comes to you soon. But in the meanwhile, this tabletop is really beautiful, wow oh wow. I know for sure I didn't do anything this cool at my day job in the last whole month! XXO