Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday and the first day of deer hunting.

So far I have only heard one shot. I have such a mixed feeling about the deer. I love seeing them and think that they are so beautiful, and yet I love eating venison. Go figure! I am a contradiction like many of us.

I made good progress on my small (salvedged from the basement of our former duplex) table yesterday. Always trying to get the most out of my tiles and to stretch them as far as I can, I made 4 smaller waves within the larger waves. I really like how these "mini" waves suit the total design.

Tomorrow is the start of Day Light Savings - don't forget to change your clocks to "Fall Back" - you've earned an extra hour of something special - be this sleeping or watching a favorite program on TV or doing something artsy crafty - like mosaic.

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katesCottage said...

Val, I LOVE your table! This is turning out SO beautifully!!! And I have a love-hate relationship with the deer in our yard too! They are beautiful, but they think my flower beds are salad bars that I plant especially for them! Ha!