Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday again!

THis week and the whole month of NOvember have simply flown by. Time keeps going even when I am tired or too busy to even think straight.

Today (after I finish teaching my GED class at HOCHS, in Duluth), I will drop off 5 more tea lights at BLue Lake Gallery as SEVEN of the ten I dropped off last week have sold. Although I don't make much money on these as the Gallery mark-up is 45%, I am still making about as much as I would if I were being a substitute and almost twice as much as being a Super 1 cashier so this is still profitable to me.

Here are some before and after grouting pictures of the 5 that I will be bringing in today. In the before photos you can see the pines in the background of my very messy studio space. I've included a picture of the bookcase of the four seasons in the Pines that was inspired by this view.

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EarthMotherMosaics said...

You use such pretty colors for your tea lights, Val. Congrats on all the sales at the gallery!~Cindy