Monday, November 14, 2011

It is Monday and I have the whole day to work on house projects as well as mosaics!

I decided to take today off from the substitute system. I so need a day to be at home and to clean our floors, bring in wood and do some mosaic.

There is a place in Minneapolis that will take my stuff for the holidays and I think I need to call there today and see if Rose, the woman who owns this furniture store/art gallery still would like my stuff. Last year she did, but I let the time get away from me. Perhaps now she won't need the pieces from me, but I should at least call and find out!

Stephan Hoglund, the gallery owner in Grand Marais, took SEVEN pieces of mine. The altar, the funky black table, three vases, the platter Mirror, and my hand plate. So now this gallery has nine of my pieces.